I would like to share these useful resources I found through Peta--and particularly one that allows you to see which companies and products are cruelty-free. Peta's database includes which companies do and do not test on animals, and now has the section, "Working for Regulatory Change" listing companies that work to promote development and validation of non-animal methods. 
Here is the link to the database along with some related resources:
 Happy Holidays everyone! 
I created an album with some of the best Holiday Animal pictures and Holiday Animal Videos that I think you'll really enjoy!. Click on the picture below to go to the album. Hope it brings a few smiles!
Just created some new logos. Which one you like best? Thanks for any input!

Zebra logo
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Recently in Brazil, nurse Camilla Corrêa Alves de Moura Araújo was caught on videotape brutally abusing a Yorkshire Terrier. She is shown in this video mercilessly kicking, dropping, throwing, and fatally injuring the Yorkie. To make matters worse, she committed this atrocity in front of her 18-month-old daughter. Regardless of her excuses such as having stress and a bad day, she wounded the dog severely enough for him to die two days later. Many have joined Facebook groups or signed an online petition demanding that this woman and her crimes be brought to justice. Join them by Signing the Petition--against Camilla's savagery and to protect her child and other animals from further violence.

Mail Online
Live Leak
Warning: This video contains graphic content.
Recent plants by Federal officials involve eliminating essential protections for wolves living in Wyoming. If this plan succeeds, wolves would be considered predators, and individuals even without hunting licenses would be protected under law to kill any wolf they deem a threat. A shoot-on-sight state policy will cover nearly 90% of the state, and could lead to indiscriminate wolf killing, even in national forests where animal conservation is the foundation of its preservation. Wolves are not any more dangerous than many of the animals living in Wyoming and should be treated just as the other wildlife, and protected under law rather than alienated. Please SIGN THE PETITION by January 11, 2012 to oppose this new policy!

Read more about this issue on Defenders of Wildlife and TAKE ACTION on similar campaigns to help save America's wolves.

(Sources are cited via the links.)
Every day this week at noon the National Zoo will post a new picture on I Can Has Cheezburger of baby Cheetah cubs so that we, the fans, can write captions and help name all of them. 
Add your submission by clicking on the first picture shown or the Sources link for the Contest page. And please VOTE on mine, which are shown below in this post! Just click on my pictures to go straight to the voting page. Thanks :] 
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About two weeks ago, Maria Assunta, the wealthy widow of an Italian property tycoon, died at the age of 94, leaving her cat Tomasso a fortune worth about $13 million. Now, I am all for keeping your animals safe, happy, and healthy throughout their lives, but no single cat could ever need millions of dollars or properties in Rome, Milan and land in Calabria. This story disappoints me because I know that a fortunate woman like Maria could have made a big difference in the animal world with her money, yet she left it solely to her cat. She could have liquidated her assets, set aside money to cover her cat's every possible expense, and had millions left over to donate to helpless animals, ones like Tomasso that she found wandering the streets of Rome just four years earlier. 

If at any point in your life you have some money to donate, please consider charities like:
The Humane Society
Best Friends Animal Society
World Wildlife Fund
or even your local no-kill animal shelter. You alone can make a difference in so many hearts and lives.

Time magazine News Feed
ABC News
I always enjoy the witty and amusing comics drawn by The Oatmeal, so I thought you might like them too. Here's one about polar bears, and yes, it is factual, not just silly.

Sources: Six Reasons to Ride a Polar Bear to Work
Note from the author of the comic:
"In addition to being magnificent murderbeasts, Polar bears are also endangered, so if you want to ride one to work I encourage you to go donate some benjamins to the World Wildlife Fund. If not we're all gonna get stuck riding horses, mules, bison, or some other shitty animal."

You can also visit Polar Bears International to learn more 
about Polar Bears and how to contribute to their conservation.
I'm writing to you today about an issue that has been overlooked or unnoticed for many years by most of us unsuspecting animal adopters. Investigations have uncovered the dismal truth about the origins of dogs in pet stores and online pet retailers across the globe. These unfortunate animals have grown up in Puppy Mills--facilities where they are forced to live in extremely inhumane conditions. Not only are the puppies confined to cramped wire, metal, or mesh cages with no exercise, veterinary care, socialization, or positive human interaction, the breeder dogs are also treated with the same cruelty, producing litter after litter, as well as having their pups taken away after only a few weeks. When the fertility of these breeders decline, they are often abandoned, sold cheaply to another mill, or killed. Their puppies often continue to suffer for hundreds of miles during their transportation to pet stores without adequate food, water, ventilation, or shelter. As a result from a lifetime of neglect and abuse, these dogs often come with behavioral or health problems, causing many disappointed adopters to abandon their dogs within weeks, months, or years, which intensifies the overpopulation crisis. Although a pet store may claim they do not buy their dogs from puppy mills, there is a high chance the broker they bought from did. In addition, online puppy retailers like Purebred Breeders, LLC, have supplied sick puppies for sale on nearly 800 domains, with the intention to deceive customers into believing that they are dealing with local breeders when they shop online for a puppy.
So what can you do?
You can find your next companion animal through an animal shelter or a rescue group instead of a pet shop. You can also make or sign a pledge to help stop puppy mills through The Humane Society or become an Oscar's Law Ambassador to spread the word about this issue.

Read More/Sources:
The Humane Society- Puppy Mills 
The Humane Society- Purebred Breeders, LLC 

Looking for fashionable animal-inspired clothing or faux fur to keep you warm this winter? I've gathered some of the best animal fashions and accessories on my four favorite clothing websites: Urban OutfittersNasty Gal, Motel Rocks, and ModCloth, to make your holiday shopping a little more WILD. 

Urban Outfitters:
Animal Shower Caps- comes in Frog, Panda, Toucan, Sheep, Owl, Shark, Mouse, Duck, and Hippo
Animal Print Sunglasses - comes in Leopard, Snake, and Giraffe

Nasty Gal:
Motel Rocks:
There are too many amazing animal-themed items and clothing to show you, but you can browse them at your leisure. Take a look, it's worth it!
ModCloth Animal Items