I've never thought porcupines were cute-- until I saw Tedy Bear from Zooniversity. In his first video in May 2011, he squeaks and grumbles when his keeper tries to take away his corn, even seeming to say "my corn!" Now, this talking porcupine is back, and just as excited about eating his pumpkin. 
As an artist myself, I always enjoy coming across quality art pieces, especially when it involves animals. On one of my favorite websites, KoiKoiKoi, I read an article about an artist from Amsterdam called SIT, and I would love to share it with you. His new line of artwork, titled "Noir", incorporates vivid use of contrast with blacks and whites, along with the eery fusing of contemporary urban culture with animals. Looking at these pieces, I begin to wonder if this is a statement about the dark and malicious animalistic natures we manifest, as we obsess over superficial items and qualities instead of living with compassion for ourselves, others, and nature. Regardless of the message, these pieces hold a truly unique beauty that I highly appreciate.

Koi Koi Koi Article and SIT's website