Every day this week at noon the National Zoo will post a new picture on I Can Has Cheezburger of baby Cheetah cubs so that we, the fans, can write captions and help name all of them. 
Add your submission by clicking on the first picture shown or the Sources link for the Contest page. And please VOTE on mine, which are shown below in this post! Just click on my pictures to go straight to the voting page. Thanks :] 
This is my entry for yesterday:
And for today:
You can vote by clicking on my pictures! Thanks!
Starting Sunday December 11th at 8pm, National Geographic will begin their Big Cat Week, full of episodes about Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs, and Jaguars. Their Episode Guide details when these shows will be airing and what they're all about. Capturing the triumphs and plights of these cats in their natural environment, they aim to bring awareness to these majestic animals' declining numbers in the wild, with Cause an Uproar--National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative. They prompt animal lovers to Take Action by Donating to the initiative to raise money for research, wearing gear from their online store, uploading your kitty's picture, and sharing their initiative on Facebook. What will you do to help save these big cats from extinction?