Happy Holidays everyone! 
I created an album with some of the best Holiday Animal pictures and Holiday Animal Videos that I think you'll really enjoy!. Click on the picture below to go to the album. Hope it brings a few smiles!
Recently in Brazil, nurse Camilla Corrêa Alves de Moura Araújo was caught on videotape brutally abusing a Yorkshire Terrier. She is shown in this video mercilessly kicking, dropping, throwing, and fatally injuring the Yorkie. To make matters worse, she committed this atrocity in front of her 18-month-old daughter. Regardless of her excuses such as having stress and a bad day, she wounded the dog severely enough for him to die two days later. Many have joined Facebook groups or signed an online petition demanding that this woman and her crimes be brought to justice. Join them by Signing the Petition--against Camilla's savagery and to protect her child and other animals from further violence.

Mail Online
Live Leak
Warning: This video contains graphic content.
I've never thought porcupines were cute-- until I saw Tedy Bear from Zooniversity. In his first video in May 2011, he squeaks and grumbles when his keeper tries to take away his corn, even seeming to say "my corn!" Now, this talking porcupine is back, and just as excited about eating his pumpkin. 
I wish I could pet this little guy!